Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Similarity of 3 IPLs and 3 t-20 world championship !!!

May 18, 2010, 1.10 PM -

I am writing this blog after witnessing 2.5 months of extreme 20-20 cricket,
Thanks to IPL and Lalit Modi entire India was perplexed with watching cricket during prime time and witnessing heroics of super cricketers from all across the world on a daily basis. Every day is a new challenge for IPL teams and yesterday's performance never matters , You are only as good as your today's performance. IPL has attracted cricketers from all across the world and is being touted as the best alternative of spreading cricket in more countries,  IPL attracts everything , starting from the bidding process in which Pakistani players where not included till the point when IMG-IPL deal was under the question. IPL has become like surrogated baby for media people where in they have forgotten their real baby - that is spreading the news.

Well , here my intention is to just analyse IPL and world cups and I will just concentrate on that instead of dwelling into the politicization of IPL.

If we sit and analyse we get to know some of the most interesting trends common in these two super tournaments, lets have a look -

1. Only two teams so far have qualified for finals of both tournament - Pakistan for t20 and CSK for IPL.

2. The team which won Inaugural IPL & ICC t20 world cup were not able to advance to semis in next two edition, India in world cup and Rajsthan Royals in IPL

3. Mumbai Indians and Australia show similar resurgence- crashing out two times and finally entering into tournament finals to eventually crash out, remember both were favorite to win but they did one final blunder in finals. Like Australia , Mumbai Indians won most of their matches in first round.

4. If we look closely at England and CSK's final win , Man of the final were their one down batsman - Pietersen and Suresh Raina, who managed to attack & change the stat in favor of their team.More or less both the teams depended heavily on 1 down batsman to score runs.

5. CSK and England both got a new opening batsman in Craig Kieswetter and Murali Vijay, Both were just a big factor in winning the match.

6. Srilanka and Royal Challenger Bangalore are the only team to reach final once and then entering semis next year to crash out again.

More to be added if similar trends found !!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The desired but unwanted politics of games !!

The best of sports team require constant motivation and dedication to excel all round the year, Sports is very demanding and its totally unlike a regular job , 
One's motivation and learnings always have to be honed and respected. Only few sports team in the world so far have been able to maintain a clean history of  being champions on a regular basis. I would like to mention names of Brazil in football, Australia in Cricket, NBA in basketball , China in Badminton & Judos , US in athletics and field events while Japan in TT . 
Interesting thing is what it takes to be a champion ? from where One can produce a bunch of players who are always willing to put everything else asides just for their country, players who sacrifice their life just to achieve perfection for one or two events and why sports in no corporate ?
Life style of a sports person is always different from normal people , he sleeps early and gets up when entire world is sleeping with their blankets on. His passion and commitment for the game  is something that differentiates him from the rest. 
Analyzing top sports person from different sports probably tells why they are different, the hard work that they put and quantifying those hours is the real deal , class training and quality supervision is something that tells a story in itself. Proper infrastructure and backing motivates a person to excel in the field that he operates, may be financial security would be one of the concern of players all over the world.May be that would be the reason we have witnessed excellence of Indian cricket team in last ten years while other games have witnessed the worst and went on a downward sprinkle.

This may be one of reason why we have not seen many sports persons from third world countries,  also one can explain how countries like US and China easily sweep dozens of medals in any Olympics games.
In no way these trends can tell us that humans from US and China are stronger than humans from Cuba or Nepal. The difference in planning and political support for any games can change the scenario of games in a particular country.Need for hour is to take these games seriously and start planning according to it. Sport is one of the biggest way of achieving universal brotherhood and it should be taken by people seriously. It doesn't take a fan of EPL to be there in England all season , from my experience I have seen crazy supporters of Chelsea in Bengal, Goa and neigbouring countries of India. World Cup football is passionately followed all over Asia though we have hardly one or two representing entire Asia. Australia's excellence in cricket is deeply respected and feared in India, We just pray for India to win against Australia. Indian followers pray before the match because they are always doubtful of India's dominance over them.

There is a need for privatization of sports to witness more talents opting for the golden pie, sports can never be run by bureaucracy, It has to stay independent of governmental control . Though government can promote these games on its own and it should try to build some infrastructure around it to excite more number of takers. India has tried to do to many things with the way sports in run in this country. We have seen terrible situation of players in SAI Hostel , time has come now for Govt. of India to think and take radical decision in this context. For too long Indians have been deprived of proper sports entertainment sans cricket.

India needs more of universal games like Football, Athletics, basketball, Golf, Rugby etc, . For too long we have closed our eyes and satisfied ourselves by just viewing cricKet. Its high time we open ourselves more to other games also . 

Most importantly I won't mind my son playing football for some high division league in Brazil.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A College Life - Defining relations.

Month of April 2006 was a very sad day for me and all my graduation friends, After 3 years of togetherness it was hard time to move ahead with our Endeavour.  No body ever realized how time really flied away,

I just remember first day of my college when I entered inside my hostel and I was greeted by 30 odd guys of my age, everyone was excited to have someone else joining them each day for entire first month. Meeting new people, visiting different parts of a large university like BHU, exploring Varanasi and its famed ghats became order of the day for all of us. Lack of parental control helped us in watching movies at odd hours. Every week it was our norm to watch 3/4 movies. Night strolls @ calm n serene Ganga was so soothing that we followed it as our ritual for the first few months. Meeting foreigners was a new things for all of us. We dwelt into our history books to tell these visitors about the pride & history of India. Slowly but steadily friendship was turning mature and we started witnessing  formation of core group of friends all around. I remember all our friends fighting to sleep in one room so that we could chat entire night.  Next few weeks were all about swapping roomies/ replacing them with someone matching one's frequency. For the  First few months all of us were surprisingly very obedient and respectful towards faculties/staffs/seniors and say even cleaners, May be the fear of university life was still sitting at the back of ours mind, though that changed like anything after that.

Some of our seniors introduced us to the grand BHU library, That day I felt really proud about my decision to take admission in such a glorious university, although I hardly explored that part of university after that. Next few months were all about bunking lectures, proxies, day cricket and occasional coffees at Madhuvan "the FAMED romance park of BHU", that place really surprised me for its openness and acceptance of couples in love in the traditional cultured city of Kashi. All our friends used to look at these people curiously and used to treat them as couples straight from Bollywood movies.

I won’t forget to mention one of the most important part of our university life that is Lanka and Tea stall in front of BHU gate where I found it was ritual for all kinda BHU students to sit and spend their time. Lanka during evening hours would be like a downtown London market with presence of young and pretty  girls and offerings from shops around the area makes it a place to reckon, I remember guys waiting almost on a daily basis to catch a single glimpse of the girl they used to like even without the girl knowing this fact. Really hats off to those lovers.

Girls were very special during those days , Its still a taboo for guys to talk to girls normally in Varanasi, Guys who normally had a girl friend was a Super boy for all love starved fellows , he used to be a love guru. Others used to follow all his practical and even non ethical suggestions to try and woo any girl possible. Gym, Clean shaved face, Jeans jacket, Bikes(exceptional cases), College bags, Low waist Jeans, English Music used to be some of the most flavored suggestions from these GURUS, but the best fact was that everyone tried these stuffs and hardly anyone got any success, I witnessed many heart broken SHAYARS during all these years and had to go through painful poems and stories narrated by these people. But nothing took out the real fun from our graduation life.

At the end of every year we had to face university examination, those days used to be the toughest time around the year, Evening lanka trip used to be postponed for night tea walk and keeping our selves fresh, Cricket and all fun activities were replaced by group discussions and understanding the concepts in group to save the time. Boys used to talk to their Gfs on Reliance cell to save money as well as precious time.
Some serious commitment to watch out for.

Those wonderful 3 years really flied away.  College canteen, Library, boring classroom, flirting around, cricket, hostel life, tea @odd hours, fighting odd guys, ragging everything just vanished in matter of those 48 hours, that day we turned into alumni which none of us ever  actually wanted.

I know memories would be still very fresh in minds of all my friends. BHU as a university provided us a dream platform, it gave us the brand name and also it gave us friends whom I can rely at any point of time.
 You all made each & every moments very special.

Thanks to all you friends for making those years as one of the most beautiful years of my life. 

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Let the parents be special

A new teacher asked a question during the nursery class - What you kids want to become in your life ?
First kid answered i want to become a fighter pilot , next one wanted to be an army major and the third one answered he wanted to be a big business man. An average kid not looking as if he was from a rich family answered Hii teacher , I just want to with my parents. Entire class laughed and teacher just thought may be this guy has never thought of anything like this before. He gave him options like doctor, engineer, lawyer but guy again said the same thing and in the same tone. Other kids started laughing but the teacher realized that kid was serious about what he was telling. He was wondering about the maturity of that kid at such a young age. feel as if what this has to do with our life ?

The love kids have for their parents is unparalleled, even animals share this kind of bondage.  But what goes wrong later ?? why we have old age homes and alone parents all across the society today ??

It is heartfelt to see people of 70/80/90 years trying to run a household even when they are not able to walk properly. Do they deserve this kind of treatment , is money everything in life ?
what is the cost where relationship is crushed down by the weight of money ?  Where parents went wrong ?

Since the day a child takes birth parents shift their attention to the well being of kid, They spend their time outside doing all possible hard work so that kid may get all kind of medical attention and be a healthy individual. They put all their effort in imparting the best education and culture in these kids so that they prove to be their life support few years later. They stay awake all the night when this kid is not well .Imagine what emotional havoc it must be for  those parents who are left all alone at such an age.

Its not that entire generation has to be blamed for these situations. There are always few good people but the effort most importantly requires the emotional connect between the parents and children.

Problems of people from our generation is normally the wide scale migration which sees us to come to big cities and spend our lives there, Our busy live styles and our normal busy routines.
But shouldn't we ask ourselves one more question time to time - How on this earth we are supposed to repay the debts of our parents ? How we can make them feel happy and proud about us ?
how they can talk proudly about us in front of their friends ?

Our parents won't ever ask for these things but is not this our responsibilty to make them feel special ??

caring for small things may turn their miseries into the the real rejoice, calling them very often (many a times even without any reason or any thought), making parents a part of the decision that we take for our family, informing the old souls every time there is some thing new and positive, reminding mother of old golden days and asking her to repeat the same things and prepare the same dishes when you are home next time, Asking parents in careful tone about their worries and their health ..

Are these things too difficult to do in any family  ??

to be continued ......

and hats off to NGOs & those people who are  caring for these old people even  though they are not remotely connected to them.

Wish you all a happy Christmas...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A problem self made

When we are kids we tend to play and enjoy ourselves very often. As we grow we find more friends like us who share common hobbies and have similar aspirations as us. The real friendship is born when people start sacrificing in different ways to be with the person they want to. We indulge in all kind of fun when we are young. Sports, Movies, night outs and visiting places are some of the most important memories that stays in our memory for long.

We remain fresh because of the fun all around and always want to remain that way. After completion of college and school we tend to focus solely on the money and the career aspect of our life, Friendship and sports takes a back seat and we in spite of being aware do nothing to stop it. Friends do wait for some time but as life is they move on and everything else does. Time to time there is a sudden aspiration to be back with the same set of friends and to be at the same place where life stood out but that never seems to be possible, so what happens after that ??

We the humans start living life like robots and machines with specific set of instructions and activities hardly exploring ourselves out there in real world. We think of something exciting and we always presume that its not possible for us at this age to be the commander of old days passion.  Silly, it sounds but all the human beings go through the same cyclical process generation after generation. May be few are lucky enough to define their own ways, but then there are mortals.

Getting married, raising family, building home and staying peacefully becomes the virtue of self made robots. But thats life for you ...wondering if that applies to you also ??

I personally love  to see animals who enjoy their life on a day to day basis ? Rejoicing every meal that they get and remaining positive for their life.

Some of my suggestions that may prevent the machine within you to stay idle would be :-

A) Try being in touch with old friends at all cost, You would be lucky if you can hang around with your old friend at the age of 80 & 90 when you are all alone.

B) Indulge in sports - Try your hand at the sport you like once or twice every week, Don't bother for the results you are not going to participate in Olympics

C) Start treating your kids as your friends ASAP- let the GAP between your kids and you not grow as you grow. Act like their friends once they are 7 or 8, You can teach them lessons of life while being their friend. They are your guaranteed old age friends.

D) Learn to be a part of the society - contribute in all the manners that you can. Staying connected with friends and families makes you feel connected and emotionally strong. Make people around you feel wanted.

E) Visit your alma matter, schools, institutions time to time- Revive old memories , go to your favorite places from your childhood days, try to meet old fellows of your time.

F) Realize the change around you - Try stopping  time to time and realize the beauty around you. Appreciate your wife's beauty, her caring nature,  praise your kids in front of others and love your pets. These small things are the real beauties of life, try not to miss too many

To be continued