Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A College Life - Defining relations.

Month of April 2006 was a very sad day for me and all my graduation friends, After 3 years of togetherness it was hard time to move ahead with our Endeavour.  No body ever realized how time really flied away,

I just remember first day of my college when I entered inside my hostel and I was greeted by 30 odd guys of my age, everyone was excited to have someone else joining them each day for entire first month. Meeting new people, visiting different parts of a large university like BHU, exploring Varanasi and its famed ghats became order of the day for all of us. Lack of parental control helped us in watching movies at odd hours. Every week it was our norm to watch 3/4 movies. Night strolls @ calm n serene Ganga was so soothing that we followed it as our ritual for the first few months. Meeting foreigners was a new things for all of us. We dwelt into our history books to tell these visitors about the pride & history of India. Slowly but steadily friendship was turning mature and we started witnessing  formation of core group of friends all around. I remember all our friends fighting to sleep in one room so that we could chat entire night.  Next few weeks were all about swapping roomies/ replacing them with someone matching one's frequency. For the  First few months all of us were surprisingly very obedient and respectful towards faculties/staffs/seniors and say even cleaners, May be the fear of university life was still sitting at the back of ours mind, though that changed like anything after that.

Some of our seniors introduced us to the grand BHU library, That day I felt really proud about my decision to take admission in such a glorious university, although I hardly explored that part of university after that. Next few months were all about bunking lectures, proxies, day cricket and occasional coffees at Madhuvan "the FAMED romance park of BHU", that place really surprised me for its openness and acceptance of couples in love in the traditional cultured city of Kashi. All our friends used to look at these people curiously and used to treat them as couples straight from Bollywood movies.

I won’t forget to mention one of the most important part of our university life that is Lanka and Tea stall in front of BHU gate where I found it was ritual for all kinda BHU students to sit and spend their time. Lanka during evening hours would be like a downtown London market with presence of young and pretty  girls and offerings from shops around the area makes it a place to reckon, I remember guys waiting almost on a daily basis to catch a single glimpse of the girl they used to like even without the girl knowing this fact. Really hats off to those lovers.

Girls were very special during those days , Its still a taboo for guys to talk to girls normally in Varanasi, Guys who normally had a girl friend was a Super boy for all love starved fellows , he used to be a love guru. Others used to follow all his practical and even non ethical suggestions to try and woo any girl possible. Gym, Clean shaved face, Jeans jacket, Bikes(exceptional cases), College bags, Low waist Jeans, English Music used to be some of the most flavored suggestions from these GURUS, but the best fact was that everyone tried these stuffs and hardly anyone got any success, I witnessed many heart broken SHAYARS during all these years and had to go through painful poems and stories narrated by these people. But nothing took out the real fun from our graduation life.

At the end of every year we had to face university examination, those days used to be the toughest time around the year, Evening lanka trip used to be postponed for night tea walk and keeping our selves fresh, Cricket and all fun activities were replaced by group discussions and understanding the concepts in group to save the time. Boys used to talk to their Gfs on Reliance cell to save money as well as precious time.
Some serious commitment to watch out for.

Those wonderful 3 years really flied away.  College canteen, Library, boring classroom, flirting around, cricket, hostel life, tea @odd hours, fighting odd guys, ragging everything just vanished in matter of those 48 hours, that day we turned into alumni which none of us ever  actually wanted.

I know memories would be still very fresh in minds of all my friends. BHU as a university provided us a dream platform, it gave us the brand name and also it gave us friends whom I can rely at any point of time.
 You all made each & every moments very special.

Thanks to all you friends for making those years as one of the most beautiful years of my life. 


  1. Hey...seriously those were the best days of my lyf..i still remember my first day at BHU...connfused, a bit nervous as I was abt to leave my parents...but within a month BHU was d place where I could spend my whole lyf!! Gave me lyflong frnds, cherishable memories and a shape to my career...Miss those days yaar...

  2. Correct,
    That place is very special . If possible will like to spend some time there again with all our friends.

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  5. Hey Rishi.
    It was pleasure to read your blog.
    Please start writing again, waiting for your new blogs.