Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A problem self made

When we are kids we tend to play and enjoy ourselves very often. As we grow we find more friends like us who share common hobbies and have similar aspirations as us. The real friendship is born when people start sacrificing in different ways to be with the person they want to. We indulge in all kind of fun when we are young. Sports, Movies, night outs and visiting places are some of the most important memories that stays in our memory for long.

We remain fresh because of the fun all around and always want to remain that way. After completion of college and school we tend to focus solely on the money and the career aspect of our life, Friendship and sports takes a back seat and we in spite of being aware do nothing to stop it. Friends do wait for some time but as life is they move on and everything else does. Time to time there is a sudden aspiration to be back with the same set of friends and to be at the same place where life stood out but that never seems to be possible, so what happens after that ??

We the humans start living life like robots and machines with specific set of instructions and activities hardly exploring ourselves out there in real world. We think of something exciting and we always presume that its not possible for us at this age to be the commander of old days passion.  Silly, it sounds but all the human beings go through the same cyclical process generation after generation. May be few are lucky enough to define their own ways, but then there are mortals.

Getting married, raising family, building home and staying peacefully becomes the virtue of self made robots. But thats life for you ...wondering if that applies to you also ??

I personally love  to see animals who enjoy their life on a day to day basis ? Rejoicing every meal that they get and remaining positive for their life.

Some of my suggestions that may prevent the machine within you to stay idle would be :-

A) Try being in touch with old friends at all cost, You would be lucky if you can hang around with your old friend at the age of 80 & 90 when you are all alone.

B) Indulge in sports - Try your hand at the sport you like once or twice every week, Don't bother for the results you are not going to participate in Olympics

C) Start treating your kids as your friends ASAP- let the GAP between your kids and you not grow as you grow. Act like their friends once they are 7 or 8, You can teach them lessons of life while being their friend. They are your guaranteed old age friends.

D) Learn to be a part of the society - contribute in all the manners that you can. Staying connected with friends and families makes you feel connected and emotionally strong. Make people around you feel wanted.

E) Visit your alma matter, schools, institutions time to time- Revive old memories , go to your favorite places from your childhood days, try to meet old fellows of your time.

F) Realize the change around you - Try stopping  time to time and realize the beauty around you. Appreciate your wife's beauty, her caring nature,  praise your kids in front of others and love your pets. These small things are the real beauties of life, try not to miss too many

To be continued

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