Thursday, December 24, 2009

Let the parents be special

A new teacher asked a question during the nursery class - What you kids want to become in your life ?
First kid answered i want to become a fighter pilot , next one wanted to be an army major and the third one answered he wanted to be a big business man. An average kid not looking as if he was from a rich family answered Hii teacher , I just want to with my parents. Entire class laughed and teacher just thought may be this guy has never thought of anything like this before. He gave him options like doctor, engineer, lawyer but guy again said the same thing and in the same tone. Other kids started laughing but the teacher realized that kid was serious about what he was telling. He was wondering about the maturity of that kid at such a young age. feel as if what this has to do with our life ?

The love kids have for their parents is unparalleled, even animals share this kind of bondage.  But what goes wrong later ?? why we have old age homes and alone parents all across the society today ??

It is heartfelt to see people of 70/80/90 years trying to run a household even when they are not able to walk properly. Do they deserve this kind of treatment , is money everything in life ?
what is the cost where relationship is crushed down by the weight of money ?  Where parents went wrong ?

Since the day a child takes birth parents shift their attention to the well being of kid, They spend their time outside doing all possible hard work so that kid may get all kind of medical attention and be a healthy individual. They put all their effort in imparting the best education and culture in these kids so that they prove to be their life support few years later. They stay awake all the night when this kid is not well .Imagine what emotional havoc it must be for  those parents who are left all alone at such an age.

Its not that entire generation has to be blamed for these situations. There are always few good people but the effort most importantly requires the emotional connect between the parents and children.

Problems of people from our generation is normally the wide scale migration which sees us to come to big cities and spend our lives there, Our busy live styles and our normal busy routines.
But shouldn't we ask ourselves one more question time to time - How on this earth we are supposed to repay the debts of our parents ? How we can make them feel happy and proud about us ?
how they can talk proudly about us in front of their friends ?

Our parents won't ever ask for these things but is not this our responsibilty to make them feel special ??

caring for small things may turn their miseries into the the real rejoice, calling them very often (many a times even without any reason or any thought), making parents a part of the decision that we take for our family, informing the old souls every time there is some thing new and positive, reminding mother of old golden days and asking her to repeat the same things and prepare the same dishes when you are home next time, Asking parents in careful tone about their worries and their health ..

Are these things too difficult to do in any family  ??

to be continued ......

and hats off to NGOs & those people who are  caring for these old people even  though they are not remotely connected to them.

Wish you all a happy Christmas...

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